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    Event Information
Event: Houston Rockets vs Shanghai Sharks
Venue: Toyota Center
Location: Houston, TX
Event Date: Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Event Start Time: 7:00 pm CDT
Gates/Doors Open: 6:00 pm CDT
Toyota Center
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Ask Range: $11.00 - $350.00 per ticket
Bid Range: $0.00 - $0.00 per ticket
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Arena Admission40492$11.00
Arena Admission41752$11.00
Arena Admission417132$11.00
Arena Admission417152$11.00
Arena Admission41862$11.00
Arena Admission42086$11.50
Arena Admission41965$11.50
Arena Admission4168Up To 4$11.50
Arena Admission4338Up To 4$11.50
Arena Admission417123$11.50
Arena Admission4333Up To 2$11.50
Arena Admission41752$12.49
Arena Admission40372$12.50
Arena Admission4243Up To 13$13.00
Arena Admission419133$13.00
Arena Admission41982$13.00
Arena Admission421102$13.95
Arena Admission419154$14.99
Arena Admission41713Up To 7$15.00
Arena Admission40310Up To 6$15.00
Arena Admission40794$15.00
Arena Admission41210Up To 4$15.00
Arena Admission4077Up To 3$15.00
Arena Admission417123$15.00
Arena Admission40452$15.00
Arena Admission4071Up To 2$15.00
Arena Admission41282$15.00
Arena Admission42112$15.00
Arena Admission423102$15.00
Arena Admission423102$15.00
Arena Admission42472$15.00
Arena Admission42972$15.00
Arena Admission43082$15.00
Arena Admission43312$15.00
Arena Admission4341Up To 2$15.00
Arena Admission41511Up To 12$15.50
Arena Admission41512Up To 8$15.50
Arena Admission42972$15.50
Arena Admission43472$15.50
Arena Admission42132$15.75
Arena Admission4337Up To 6$15.98
Arena Admission4171Up To 13$16.00
Arena Admission4181Up To 12$16.00
Arena Admission4191Up To 11$16.00
Arena Admission4201Up To 9$16.00
Arena Admission4331Up To 9$16.00
Arena Admission4172Up To 6$16.00
Arena Admission40765$16.00
Arena Admission4203Up To 5$16.00
Arena Admission41012Up To 4$16.00
385 Items Page of 8
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